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Dr. Matteo Clinics has been built around creating a seamless client experience. With complete range of complex and reliable dental and medical treatments using modern facilities, advanced equipment and well-trained staff. Working with high standard and quality care provider, we will give you the ultimate pleasure of dental and medical treatments with your every visit etc..

Provider of fast and reliable dental and medical treatments including same day smile and face makeover, crown replacements as fast as 1-hour and non-invasive aesthetic treatments to make you look and feel great. We provide quality care for your family’s overall health with the help of our family medicine doctors which provides personalize care.

We perform non-invasive surgeries in our fully equipped facility. Our medical team provides complex, surgical treatment with the alliance of our leading partner hospitals. Our specialists constantly monitors our patients before and after treatments to ensure a safe and fast recovery.
With our extensive working hours, we can provide better coverage on weekends and off hours for our patients with busy lifestyle.

01 Hour

crown replacement

Yes, we can replace your old crown in only 1 hour. With the help of our skilled dentists and state-of-the-art technology in dentistry. We have a machine that can produce beautiful crowns while you wait. You will leave our dental office with your new permanent crown in position so there is no need to use temporary crowns that can often fall out or break or which are uncomfortable to wear. Instead you will be able to go on with your everyday life. This machine has proved to be invaluable for people just about to go on vacation or who have a special event to attend.

01 Day

implant with crown

Surgery guided implant uses CT data to examine and pre-plan the surgery, and since precision execution can be done, guided implant surgery provides the following benefits such as Accuracy, safety, and predictable surgery, Shorter operation time, Shorter healing time with flapless surgery, Smaller incisions with less bleeding and pain, Immediate loading can be done and minimized bone graft.

The one day smile makeover that reveals your perfect smile. We provide top quality smile makeover or full mouth restoration in only 1 day. Today’s porcelain can actually mimic the refinement of natural enamel and this enables complete control of the final outcome.In addition, the process comprise of mouth scanning using a highly precise specialized camera which is capable of creating a virtual 3D image of the scanned mouth using a computer.Different design tools are utilized to come up with a virtual porcelain restoration and the teeth that require crowns or veneers are selected on the screen.What is more, this is then utilized to grind a porcelain block shaded in order to suit the teeth of the patient to make porcelain restorations within just a few minutes. Afterwards, the porcelain restorations are distinguished and polished in a porcelain oven, identical to polishing pottery, creating an attractive authentic-looking porcelain restoration.

After this process, they will be instantly bonded to the existing teeth. In so doing, a patient can have a full smile makeover within just a few hours.
Indeed, there are no transitory restorations if you have veneers that are made in the laboratory.

This implies that you would need makeshift veneers during the wait for your new teeth.