Dr. Matteo Clinics

The one day smile makeover that reveals your perfect smile. We provide top quality smile makeover or full mouth restoration in only 1 day. Today’s porcelain can actually mimic the refinement of natural enamel and this enables complete control of the final outcome.In addition, the process comprise of mouth scanning using a highly precise specialized camera which is capable of creating a virtual 3D image of the scanned mouth using a computer.Different design tools are utilized to come up with a virtual porcelain restoration and the teeth that require crowns or veneers are selected on the screen.What is more, this is then utilized to grind a porcelain block shaded in order to suit the teeth of the patient to make porcelain restorations within just a few minutes. Afterwards, the porcelain restorations are distinguished and polished in a porcelain oven, identical to polishing pottery, creating an attractive authentic-looking porcelain restoration. After this process, they will be instantly bonded to the existing teeth. In so doing, a patient can have a full smile makeover within just a few hours. Indeed, there are no transitory restorations if you have veneers that are made in the laboratory.This implies that you would need makeshift veneers during the wait for your new teeth.

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