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1 Hour Surgery Guided Implant With Crown

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided implant surgery is the process of planning the implant surgery on a computer using the patient’s CT image. The conventional method using the patient’s panoramic x-ray to plan implant surgery cannot transfer the planning exactly as planned. However, guided implant surgery can transfer the plan as exactly as the doctor plans on the computer. To carry out the surgery exactly as the surgery plan, a custom surgical template and guided implant surgery kit are needed.

The followings are needed for guided implant surgery:

1. Medical or Cone-beam CT
2. Implant planning software
3. Guided implant surgery drill kit
4. Custom surgical template

During a period of time, usually two to six months, the metal post on which the new crown will rest becomes fused with the bone of the jaw. Once the post and jawbone have fused, a new crown and abutment attaching to the implant are created and attached. Implants support individual cemented crowns, bridges or dentures.


  • Surgery can be precise, safe and predictable.
  • Surgery time is shorter
  • Generally carried out as a flapless surgery and shorter recovery time for the patient.
  • Less invasion, blood, and pain for the patient.
  • Immediate loading is possible.
  • Bone grafts can be minimized.


A cone-beam CT is an x-ray machine capable of taking 3D images of the patient. Using a cone-beam CT and software allows for accurate patient diagnosis, and more realistic visualization.


Cone-beam CTs generate data in a special format called a DICOM. Implant planning software uses DICOM data and renders the data in 2D and 3D. Implant planning software provides various tools for implant surgery planning Allowing the user to view important anatomical structures and pln implant surgeries safely.


A surgical template holds the surgical planning information made with implant planning software.
Generally, surgical templates are shapped like orthodontic splints and are designed to fit into the patient’s oral cavity during surgery. Surgical templates have small metal objects called sleeves inserted in a place to guide the drilling and implant direction.
Surgical templates must be fabricated to snugly fit the oral cavity according to the surgical plan. Many companies offer surgical template manufacturing services. Surgical template manufacture companies usually provide implant planning software along with the surgical templates, Fabricate and send out the surgical template when the user sends in the planning data using the software.


To use a surgical template for implant surgery, a special drill kit designed to be used with the surgical templates must be used. The shape of a surgical template and implant specifications very by manufacturer, resulting in differences in guided surgery kits. Therefore, it is essential to know which surgery kit is used for the different surgical templates.


Virtual representation of the patient’s mandible used to preplan the placement of the dental implant.

Digital treatment planning software was used to design a tooth-supported surgical guide.


Based on the final impression, our technician produced a screw-retained Zirconia crown. The final restoration will be delivered with less chances of complication. The precision and restorative-driven approach facilitated by our Prosthodontic specialists ensures that the implant is positioned for an esthetic prosthetic outcome.

The final screw-retained crown was fabricated from BruxZir Solid Zirconia.

Final screw-retained crown in place after sealing the screw access hole with Camouflage composite.

Final crown restoration

Final radiograph demonstrates stable bone levels around the Implant.

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