Dr. Matteo Bignamini, DDS


Dr. Matteo Bignamini DDS, is an Italian licensed dentist . He came from a family of dental practitioners where he got his passion for Dentistry. With the combination of his knowledge in conservative dentistry acquired from his family together with his years of study and practice, His clinics from different locations operates with a highly specialized facilities and equipments and has given patients from all across the world personalized care and exceptional service.

After acquiring he’s Dentistry degree in Dental University of Milan, Dr. Matteo Bignamini’s desire to keep up with the non-stop innovation and new technology for dentistry still continues. From operating clinics in various locations to attending 48 and counting international continued medical education seminars. Aside from being a Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentist, Dr. Matteo Bignamini also specializes in Prosthodontist, Dental implants, Restorative dentistry, Orthodontic treatment and Hollywood smile or Smile makeover.

Dr. Matteo Bignamini has treated many of he’s patients with INVISALIGN clear aligners. Holding the award for one of UAE’s top INVISALIGN CENTER. Guiding and giving them the utmost care from the start of the treatment till they have reached the end of it to ensure that patients REVEAL their NEW SMILE & KEEP IT LOOKING GREAT.