Dr. Charlotte Zoeller


Graduated in medicine in 1999 and is specialised in Family Medicine since 2003. She gained international experience in hospitals and private clinics in Switzerland, Germany, China ( to study acupuncture), Spain. She is licensed in Dubai since 2007 and provides continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals and family- children from one year onwards. She caters for a wide range of services including preventive checks and screening tests.

She has completed a series of training in complementary and regenerative medicine with the International Society for Regenerative Medicine Mitochondrial Medicine in Germany, Dr. Charlotte Zoeller is well versed in protocols that include besides the general clinical conditions the biological, cellular side. She focuses on the nutritional deficits as key factors in the prevention of chronic disease, chronic inflammation, and the improvement of existing medical conditions.

As part of the proper removal of dental amalgams provided by The Lakes Clinic, she complements the process before and after the amalgam removal and restoration of the teeth. Focusing on the cellular health, she boosts natural elimination detoxification processes from heavy metals and other harmful substances from amalgam fillings, food and environment. She uses natural remedies to enhance their natural elimination.

Comprehensive Healthcare to Adults and Children (1 year+)
Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Regenerative Mitochondrial Medicine