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Preventive dentistry encompasses a modern approach to providing dental treatment. Our goal in providing preventive dentistry is to educate our patients in the optimal way to maintain their teeth and to recommend treatment aimed at stopping problems before they start. Dental disease arises as either dental caries or periodontal disease, both of which can be prevented with good oral hygiene, dental prophylaxis and other modalities that are customized to suit each individual patient’s needs.

It generally involves education, treatment and maintenance of oral health in the individual. Preventive Dentistry involves primary, secondary, tertiary levels of oral care.

Primary level of Preventive Dentistry, any reason that causes a disease is avoided.

Secondary level generally involves filling of cavities, cleaning of teeth or oral prophylaxis. Pit and fissure sealants are used in children to prevent dental decay. Fluoridation of water, using fluoride tooth pastes are part of secondary preventive phase.

Tertiary level is called the maintenance phase. Our specialists can treat you, but the most important is the maintenance phase by using some material like to know how to brush properly, know what and what not to use and these are addressed in Tertiary level of Preventive Dentistry.