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Since our first clinic opened in 2003, we have a dedication to provide a comfortable environment where our patients can feel at ease before our specialists sees them. We think of our staff and clients as family. Dr. Matteo Clinics is a multilingual office and are committed to providing honest, personal dental services to protect your teeth and keep them beautiful.

One of our philosophy in every Dr. Matteo Clinics facility is to provide a personalized and patient friendly care for each individual. In this multi cultural city, we have patients who speaks in different tongues. We are proud to say that our Italian specialist can speak in many languages in which will help us to fully understand and attend in every patient’s concern and need. Our Dubai team of certified dentists, dental nurses and office staff speak many languages including Arabic, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Hungarian Russian, Hindi and Tagalog so you can be comfortable communicating with us.

We do not only communicate with our patients by language but we connect to each of them emotionally to ensure they will have a comfortable experience with us especially those patients who have dental anxiety, fear of injections and any other discomforts of visiting a doctor.