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A critical part of our medical practice is communicating well with our patients and their family members. Good communication skills helps us understand our patients’ questions and concerns, and help our patients understand their health and medical conditions. In today’s multicultural world, being bilingual in medicine can help us mitigate the challenges that our patients and their families may face if they don’t speak English.

Dr. Matteo Clinics knows the benefits and importance of being bilingual in medicine firsthand. Our specialists’ background in different fields had given them the opportunity to learn to speak in different tongues. This is the advantage of having an internationally certified doctors who acquired their medical education and continued education from all over the globe.

Our specialists build rapport with our patients, which can be helpful when they need to have discussions about serious and sensitive issues, such as treatment options and end-of-life care. And while most major healthcare facilities, particularly in larger metropolitan areas have access to interpreters, there are times when bringing in an interpreter may not be ideal.

When a doctor brings in an interpreter, he or she is inviting a third person into the discussion. “This person, who is unknown to the family, comes in and is not the person they’ve been in contact with. It’s basically having an added stranger involved in the care, which might be uncomfortable for our patient and/or the family.