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The main of its are:
Eye, Vestibule, Hyastomatognatic, Spine, Foot & Skin

The postural system is a fine regulation of many many reflex with authomatic and instantly regulation.
An over visual control, an hip defect, stiffness in the spine with hyper control, malocclusion with TMJoint stress, need for compensation and any compensation affect the integrity of the neuromuscular system…

Long time action making a plantar arch compensation (1 year and over), average times (7-8 months) making a fix malocclusion and short time (2-3 months) making a eye correction .

There is a lot of modern studies showing that with every tooth is a neurological unit strictely related to near and far musculo fascial and tendineus sistem. Malocclusion or other toooth problem ca effect manymuscles then imbalancing our body. Someone speach properly about “Mouth- FOOT stricltely link even related with the same embryological origin, and that is shown when we see the failure of the Plantar arch (with flat) cause a malocclusion and restoring the arch with the mandible in normal position TMjoint go definitely better.

The foot rule and harmonises the ascending and descending pathways affecting cerebellar responses, so any even slight disharmony of the intrinsic muscles of the foot, (Baroreceptor Reflex System of the fascial system) tendon and ligament, has significant repercussions on the general activity of postural tone, and intrinsic muscles of the column.

Literally “jump” in to the air the obsolete conception of postural dysfunctions based only in biomechanic concept but we must to focus instead on the neurological integrity and on the postulate that any information can travel from one end to the other of the body instantly trought this mirable neuroreceptorial system.
All lordotic and Kyphotic curves and impacting on the twisting of the spine, and then on the “stability” of the same and how to load distribution to various metameres.

On the other hand The that demostrate that Stomatognathic system wich Ostopath take particulary care, suited to understanding postural dysfunctions is not only biomechanic misalignment.

Usually the symptoms are: Tonic asymmetry, Malocclusion, Bruxism, Clanching,Mouth breathing despite nose breathing, Cognitive and perceptual disorders, Abdominal pain, Headache &

Muscle aches

Every abnormal stimulation produces a chain of effect wich have to be regulated and affects all the subsystems with a multimodal way…

We can offer the new multimodal approach for abnormal posture involving Orthopedic, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Podiatrist, Oftalmologist, Posturologist, Ostheopath.