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Dr Matteo Clinics provides primary Care for adults and children together with the ongoing management of acute and chronic diseases. Preventive Medical Services and Acupuncture for adults and children. Routine Check ups, Health risk Assessment; Immunization; Well-woman and Well-man Package healthcare assessments and Co-ordination with specialists.

Our Family Medicine Specialist are available for comprehensive medical care including the following treatments:

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine combines the evidenced-based medical with additional elements. It includes a more holistic approach and considers as well as environmental factors. In dentistry services include the detection of heavy metal burden in patients with amalgam fillings and the establishment of individual detox plans before and after amalgam removal.

The services include:

  •  Screening of load through heavy metals including nutritional deficits.
  •  Assessment of cellular health (Secondary Mitochondrial dysfunction oxidative stress, nitro stress)
  • Establishment of individual detox plans, restore nutritional deficits using phytonutrients including oral and endovenous therapy.

The goal is to eliminate environmental factors which are harmful to our cells to reduce chronic inflammation and to restore the biological cell function and prevent chronic diseases.

Family Medicine

Continuing and comprehensive healthcare for adults/children’s individual and family.

  • Primary care diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic medical conditions.
  • Preventive medical care including screening for chronic diseases, immunization – healthy lifestyle and diet – exercise.

– Basic and advanced medical checkups.

– Screening for allergies and tolerances.

– Preventive checkups.

– Screening test including cancer screening.