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About Dr. Matteo’s Clinics

Dr. Matteo Clinics is a group of dental and medical facility that operates using the latest innovation in dentistry and medicine. For years, our medical professionals have collaborated together to provide personalized and advanced treatments to our clients. Our main focus is to fulfill the needs of those who are seeking reliable and convenient dental and medical treatment in a relaxing, personalized and comfortable way…


General Dermatology

Our dermatology specialist provides comprehensive screening, diagnostic and therapeutic dermatologic care for common, uncommon and difficult to treat skin diseases.



Inlays and onlays are two methods of restoring normal tooth structure after decay or other damage. Inlays and onlays are known as indirect fillings because unlike a standard filling that is done in our office, both are made in our in-house laboratory and cemented or bonded to the surface of the tooth.


Family Medicine

Dr Matteo Clinics provides primary Care for adults and children together with the ongoing management of acute and chronic diseases. Preventive Medical Services and Acupuncture for adults and children.



Postural hygiene is a direct benefit to your health. By improving postural hygiene your body has the ability to function at its maximum and heal more efficiently.


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Our Doctors


Dr. Anne Elizabeth Bauer, M.D.

General Practice

Dr. Anne Bauer, MD is a family physician in Madison, Alabama. She is currently licensed to practice medicine in Alabama, Utah, and California.


Dr. Charlotte Zoeller


Dr. Charlotte Zoeller provides continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals and family- children from one year onwards.

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